Project Management

Enable you to:

– master the process and practices of project management; understand its scope and limitations,

– develop skills to build an effective and efficient project team,

– become an effective and efficient actor in a project team, in any context,

– have a good command of project monitoring and evaluation,

– be able to identify the different risks of a project and propose mitigation formats for them,

– have the skills to design a project.

– Project environment

– Professional project management software

– Project design and development

– Planning and scheduling

– Risk management

– Project management: project animation and motivation

– From project to entrepreneurial action

– Internship in a company

– End of session project: 40%.

– In-class case study: 40%.

– Presentation of the session work: 10%.

– Classroom participation: 5%.

– Peer review: 5%.

The evaluation of each participant will take into account the following elements: practical work, mid-term exams, final exam.

– Project manager

– Consultant with a consulting firm

– Trainer on planning software

– Self-employed or employed in the private or public sector

– 4 months in our laboratories
– 4 months of internship

You wil love being trained !