Logo - Centre international des métiers digitaux - Digital Skills International Training Center

The Digital Skills International Training Center is a vocational training center whose mission is to:

·         Participate in building the personality of young people through professional training and orientation of career choices;

·         Determine the solutions most likely to meet the needs expressed by each category of people through adequate professional training;

·         Participate in the training of employees from public, parapublic, or private companies.

·         Offer Canadian expertise to African business leaders. 


The founder : Charles Eric Manyombe

Charles Eric Baudelaire Manyombe, Fondateur Centre International des Métiers Digitaux - Digital Skills International Training Center


Charles Eric Manyombe is a Cameroonian expert, consultant and trainer in the field of project management and business administration.


He holds degrees in project management and monetary economics from the Université du Québec en Outaouais (Canada) and the University of Douala (Cameroon) respectively.


His multidisciplinary nature and cross-curricular knowledge make him a teacher in the Quebec university network, particularly at the Université du Québec en Outaouais, where he teaches in the administrative sciences department and at the d’Abitibi Témiscaminque University in the sciences and management department.


He is also the founder of Mon Campus Francophone, (www.moncampusfrancophone.com) which is a language training centre whose mission is to prepare federal public servants and clients who are called upon to meet the language requirements of the Public Service Commission of Canada.

Charles Éric is also the founding president of Community Action Canada (www.dac.canada.com), a non-profit organization.


He revealed his passion in multi-project management, hence his interest in issues related to multi-project management and its organizational complexity and tools to optimize the management of a project portfolio through contributions in open communications.